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An Anglophone (or anglophone) is someone who speaks the English language. As an adjective, it refers to belonging to an English-speaking population especially in a country where two or more languages are spoken. A related term, the Anglosphere, refers to the group of countries that mainly speak English.


In a narrower sense, the notion of "Anglophone" reaches beyond the mere dictionary definition of "English-language speaker". The term specifically refers to people whose cultural background is primarily associated with English language, regardless of ethnic and geographical differences. The Anglophone culture is largely the legacy of the British colonial empire.


In Canada, the term "anglophone", or the abbreviation "anglo", is widely used to designate someone whose native language is English, in contrast with francophone (someone whose native language is French) and allophone (someone with any other mother tongue). The latter term is rarely used outside Canada in this meaning (allophone has a different meaning in linguistics). See English-speaking Quebecer, -phone.


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